Bank Loans


Flytech provides assistance to students who are seeking education loan from Banks. A student can avail loan from any bank in accordance with his financial status, family background, availability of documentation etc., While Flytech extends assistance for seeking loans from all Banks, we have tie-ups with Punjab National Bank and HDFC.

Please contact our Admissions Office during enrolment procedure for more details and assistance on Bank Loans.

Candidates already studying at the academy and seeking Education Loan in between their course can directly contact the admin office at the Academy‘s Training Campus.

Student Educational Loans:

Also students joining us can avail Student Educational Loans, we exclusive cater to our students through our offices to obtain a student bank loans from Punjab National Bank.For more details contact your nearest branch of Punjab National Bank or Visit for more information at 
There is also extra advice if you are a mature student, international student, or you have a disability If at any time you need any more information please do contact us:

Telephone: (91)-040-66496900
Visit Us: Come to one of our Open Days/Evenings, or to a tour.