Bsc Degree Program In Aviation


Having a strong education background is any parents’ dream for their child. Every child aspires to fulfil these dreams and hence achieve their own career goals. Today the education system offers several choices of courses that one can pursue. The education system today also offers seveal skill based courses to help achieve a superior level of qualification that can cater to the skill set required for a specific industry or job.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is one such skill based qualification that helps a person acquire a licence as an engineer to certify an aircraft for safe and airworthy flight. CPL is another qualification that a person acquires by getting a license as a pilot to fly an aircraft.

Civil aviation in India has been as old as our independence, yet in all the decades gone by, India had failed to create and provide a systemic education platform that offers degree/post degree courses in aviation. Elsewhere in the world, UG/PG courses in aviation have been around for at least two decades now. With the new Civil Aviation Policy propelled by Govt of India, fast developments are shaping the aviation sector – education being one of them. The govt has finally realised the need to provide degree courses in aviation that will help open up a wider horizon for careers and jobs in aviation sector.

These courses blend with the present education system of 10+2+3 at University level.

B.Sc (H) Aircraft Maintenance and B.Sc (H) Aviation are two such courses that Flytech Aviation Academy is now offering – for engineers and pilots - under affiliation with Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, A.P.

Salient features of the courses are:

  • It is structured on Choice Based Credit System (or CBCS) of the UGC that award a credit score for a Honors Degree course. (www.ugc.
  • A 3yr degree course that awards an honors credit score implies that in several universities abroad, it is treated as equivalent to 16years of education i.e 10+2+4 i.e with minimum 120-130 credits achieved during study years.
  • Therefore, one can seek admission to higher PG programs abroad to universities in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe that offer PG courses in aviation.
  • Within India, it opens up the doors to govt jobs in civil aviation sector that require minimum degree qualification. Eg: jobs in Airports Authority of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation, DGCA, HAL, NAL, DRDL, DRDO and several other govt aviation organizations.
  • One can also appear for UPSC, Civil Services examinations.
  • For AME and CPL qualified persons (ie with license), the degree becomes a safe secure fall back option in case one wants to shift from the licensing job to other aviation jobs, later on in life.

After acquiring the BSc (H) degree (and the AME/CPL qualification) the student will be able to explore the fast growing and ever expanding civil aviation sector for jobs in MRO’s, Airports, Ground services, Defence sector, Infrastructure, Leasing and Financing, Quality management systems, Production Planning, and several others.