Commercial Pilot License Course Structure


10+2 pass out from ICSE/CBSE/ State board in Maths and Physics.

At least 16 years old for enrollment and 17 years old for graduation.

Physical fitness certificate from an approved medical practitioner by DGCA. ( CLASS-I & II )


Students will be given training for DGCA Examination in the following subjects in addition to the PPL syllabus as required.

• Air Regulations : Aerodrome search and rescue, rules concerning air transmit, customs, health, knowledge of communication and navigational facilities.

• Air Navigation : Theoretical and practical navigation.

• Air Meteorology : Basic knowledge of aviation, weather codes and plotting, elementary synoptic meteorology including simple interpretation of weather charts and meteorological procedures relating to aviation.

• Aircraft and Engines : General principles and elementary knowledge of design, construction , maintenance and operation of aircraft, engine, instruments, ancillary systems, emergency systems, installations equipment, basic knowledge of fuel, lubricants, loading of aircraft, weight distribution and its effect on flight characteristics.

• Radio Telephony ( C.O.P.R.T.R) : Including transmission and interpretation of aural signals and operations of radio telephony apparatus on board the aircraft.

Flying Hours:

200 hours in Cessna 152/172
60 hours dual instruction
 (400 hours) ground school 
80 hours pre and post flight briefing
Books and training materials
(8 hours) in Cessna 152/172 for skill tests   
2 Hours of Cessna 152 flight tests.

Flying includes circuit landing, general flying, instrument flying, cross countries, day /night flying and skill tests.