Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License -CPL, benefits students to join airline companies as pilots. Our CPL is rated as one of best in India , with our students working with major Airline Companies. Professional Pilot Course will qualify you as a Commercial Pilot. Special emphasis is placed on Instrument flying, cross-country flying, advanced commercial maneuvers and terminals airspace. Course completion time 18 Months(also depends on performance of student).

It is a dream of millions of Indian youth to become a commercial pilot and fly high in the sky of success. There are many CPL training institutes who train the pilots in India. Flytech Aviation Academy (FAA) was established with a clear vision to provide the best possible Commercial Pilot Training to the students who want to take it up as their career. Flytech is known for its most effective and advanced ground training and flight training for all the young budding professionals in the Indian aviation industry.

Flytech Aviation Academy is a one stop solution for the students as it supports them from the zero level till getting the Commercial Pilot License (CPL). The group of trained professionals and the faculty members assist the students in training to be a Commercial Pilot and in the paper work required for submitting to DGCA for getting the license.

commercial pilot license  commercial pilot license