International Students

Welcome  International Students!

Flytech Aviation Academy is one of largest Aviation Education centers with a large number of international students  coming to get benefits of Aviation Education. This truly reflects the diversity of  the campus itself.

Our Counsellor and admissions team offers advise counseling and support to international Students regarding admission procedures and enrollment. Please note that an International Student shall require Security clearance from Indian Government (Ministry of Home Affairs, External Affairs Ministry etc) before the enrolment.

Our office are always happy to offer nessesary assistance.

International student:

International students are an important part of  the Flytech Aviation growing culture and success. With students from Africa, Middle East and Asia,you won't be alone - and you'll be helped by a broad support network from within Flytech.

Whether you're looking for a Pilot or Engineering Course, or you want more information about applying here, we'll give you all the help you'll need.

Although it is a rewarding experience, moving to another country to study can sometimes be difficult. We'll do our best to offer you support, help you settle in and make the most of you time here. We organise a welcome week and social programmers for our international students.

We also organize social activities and encourage international students to meet Indian students to improve their conversational language skills.

We're sure that Flytech will very quickly start to feel like a second home to you.

International student support:
Throughout the year we will help you to settle into student life at Flytech. Our counselor and admissions team will assist in familiarizing you with the environment and help you gradually blend in with the Indian lifestyle and culture.

Our counselor and admissions tema provides advice on issues related to immigraion, helath care, emplyment, nutrition etc. Our advisors also extend assistance in managing your application for extension of permission for stay in India for pursuing your education.

Health support:
We provide assistance in reaching out medical facilities to you, when required.

Religious Support:

Our campus represents a range of religions across regions, and believes in providing a supportive environment for the same.