Private Pilot License Course Structure


  • 10th Pass out from ICSE/CBSE/State board.
  • At least 16 years old for enrollment and 17 years old for graduation.
  • Physical fitness certificate from an approved medical practitioner by DGCA. ( CLASS-II )

Ground Subjects

Students will be given training for DGCA examinations in the following:

  • Air Regulations: Including flight rules, air traffic control practices, procedures and regulations concerning operation of aircraft.
  • Air Navigation : Including elementary principles, use of aeronautical maps and charts, time, magnetism, magnetic compasses, simple navigation and simple flight –planning.
  •  Aviation Meteorology : Elementary aviation meteorology including significance of aerodrome warnings, elementary knowledge in reading of met charts, met procedures, relating to cross country flights and salient features of Indian Climatology.
  •  Technical aspects of aerodynamics and theory of flights, aircraft, engine, instruments, operating limitations, handling, care and pre-flight inspection.
  •  Radio Telephony ( F.R.T.O.L) : Including transmission and interpretation of aural signals and operations of radio telephony apparatus on board the aircraft.

Flying Hours

  • 40 hours flying in Cessna 152/172
  • 20 hours solo flight time in Cessna 152/172
  • 210 hours ground school
  • 15 hours pre and post flight briefing books and training materials
  • 4 hours in Cessna 152/172 for skill test
  • Written and Flight examination fee.