Flytech Aviation Academy India’s premier Flight Training Organization (FTO) is a DGCA certified Academy that delivers nationally accredited UAV/DRONE Training & Certification programs that set the bar of the highest standards of Safety & Quality and audited regularly, approved by the Directorate General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA)- Ministry Of Civil Aviation, with the requisite clearances from the Airports Authority Of India (AAI), Ministry of Defence (MOD), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and concerned authorities including the Police Department.

This course is perfect for those who want to start utilising drones for commercial purpose that include:

  • Aerial surveillance, Monitoring & Law enforcement
  • Geographical Mapping & Surveys
  • Agriculture, Aquaculture & Forestry
  • Search & Rescue / Disaster Management
  • Aerial Cinematography, Videography Journalism & Photography
  • Cargo Delivery & Logistics
  • Air taxis & Urban Air mobility

During the course you will receive expert training to operate RPAS within the active aviation ecospace, whilst preparing you to fly safely and responsibly.

Flytech can proudly state that it has the 'NTRO-DGCA Certified Master Trainers' in the country and all our RPAS trainers are qualified aviation professionals with industry experience and are DGCA certified instructors.

This course is perfect for those who want to start utilising drones for commercial use. Our Remote Pilot Training Course is 7 days of face-to-face training. Training at FlyTech opens the doors to a wide range of RPAS Technology services and applications in various industries utilizing RPAS technology for a wide range of business operations.

Course Length

5 days comprehensive online study + 5 days on field evaluations, simulation, laboratory sessions and flight operations.


10thStandard with English proficiency and 18 years of age.
Beginners welcome.

Flying Activity

Minimum 5 hours  


Remote Pilots Aircraft Systems Operators Certificate.

Course Locations

Nadergul Airfield Hyderabad Telangana for the practical training.


Everything is included, including drones to train on during the course.


The price of our Remote Pilot License Training Course is InRs. 55,000/- Plus Government taxes as applicable.
Enquire for Corporate discounts/ Aided fees, Scholarships and Loans available for qualifying students.

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Course details
Topics to be covered include:
  • Over 5 hours instructed piloting of supplied RPAS
  • Aviation knowledge for RPAS
  • Airspace, charts and aeronautical publications for RPAS
  • Basic meteorology for RPAS operations
  • Electrical and electronic systems for RPAS
  • Human performance for RPAS
  • RPAS knowledge of operations and procedures
  • Operation rules and air law for RPAS
  • Perform pre and post operation actions and procedures for RPAS
  • Energy management for RPAS
  • Manage crew, payload and bystanders for RPAS operations
  • Navigation and operations of RPAS
  • Non-technical skills for operation of RPAS

Resources Provided

All courseware, handouts and use of our training drone fleet (no need to own a drone).

As a graduate of Flytech, you are also entitled to 12 months membership with the FAA Association of Unmanned Systems. This membership will provide you with discount offers with major service and hardware providers, conference discounts, memberships and access to networking opportunities.

Which course is right for me?

Are you unsure about whether our drone training courses is the right choice for you?

We recommend doing your research and being clear on what you hope to get out of your training.

Are you looking to become DGCA Certified?

Or do you wish to gain a formal qualification relating to the industry?

We offer multiple options to suit those who are looking to fly recreationally, integrate drones into an existing business, start a drone business, or gain employment in the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) sector.

We also have experts on hand that are happy to assist you with your decision-making process and provide you with expert knowledge and advice.

Feel free to call us on Vamsi - (+91) 7095427773 (or) Murali -  (+91) 9393936670 if you wish to discuss your options with a drone professional. Alternatively, you can enrol via our online system.

Enquire Now: drone@flytechaviation.aero